Wednesday, March 9, 2016

[Adventure Seed] Heir to the Throne

Rumour has it that Garis Thaneridge, the heir to the Thaneridge family, has been found!

From the docks of Shadowhaven to the far reaches of the Shattered City, Heir to the Throne, sees the characters charged with tracking down this illusive scion. Will they be successful? Does this man even exist? And would he even want to return to his rightful position as the head of the Thaneridge empire? All this and much more will be discovered within this Sundered Skies Adventure Seed....

Download Heir to the Throne (PDF, 7 pages, 229Kb) here.

What is an Adventure Seed?
A bit more than an Ace Tale, but a little less than a full scenario, Adventure Seeds are frameworks for running complete self-contained stories. Written to allow potential Game Masters to expand and explore the plot as they desire, each they offer a range of exciting opportunities for players and their characters alike.  

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  1. You know I'd really like to *finish* a sundered skies game one of these days (plus I just love playing Scamper).